April 25, 2024

Local Artist Feature Marlene Rose


Local Artist Feature: Marlene Rose

Nestled within the coastal charm of Clearwater, Florida, fine artist Marlene Rose has pioneered the art of sand-cast glass sculpture. With her unique blend of creativity and passion, Marlene has captivated audiences with her mesmerizing art in her chosen medium, sand-cast glass, having worked to develop the practice since the 1980s. Marlene is among the first artists to use traditional bronze casting methods with glass and has built an international reputation for her award-winning masterpieces.

From museums and galleries to collections and residences, Marlene’s work is highly sought after for its unique qualities that blend modern art with ancient practices. In her own words, each piece is hand-cast from molten glass through a spectacular process of heat and light into a modern work of art that resonates with references and allusions to ancient cultures and civilizations. According to Marlene’s Artist Statement, her “goal as an artist is to inject life into anything she makes, to simply make the piece come alive.” The energy of this “Dangerous Dance of Creation” is reflected in the finished work.

Marlene’s work can be found in galleries and exhibitions across the country and internationally. You can even find a one-of-a-kind commissioned piece in the lobby, but the largest collection of her work is on display at the Marlene Rose Gallery at 416 Cleveland Street in Clearwater, FL — just a short journey from your home at Serena by the Sea.

Discover the enchanting world of Marlene Rose by visiting her website at and embark on a journey of visual splendor and wonder.