May 16, 2024

Meet Regina Sotomayor, Valor Capital’s Vice President of Sales and Public Relations.

You’ve met Serena, now we’d like to introduce you to the minds and visionaries that bring her to life.


Early Beginnings

Born in Ecuador, Regina Sotomayor’s journey into the heart of real estate began in her teens. After moving to Miami with her family, Regina was introduced to the vibrant world of real estate through her mother, who worked as a receptionist in a real estate company. It was there, amidst the elegant estates and bustling professionals, that Regina discovered her passion for creating homes that resonated with family warmth and unity. Inspired by the vision of families gathering for meals and the dynamism of real estate mavens, Regina committed herself to the industry, starting from the ground up and quickly ascending to the role of Office Manager, thanks to her relentless pursuit of knowledge and mentorship from seasoned realtors.

A Journey Through Innovation

Regina’s ambition took her from Miami to New York City, armed with a degree in Computer Science. Her career path weaved through Dallas and eventually led her to California, where she established a marketing consultancy. An international stint in New Zealand followed, working with Fortune 500 companies on global expansion strategies, further honing her skills in innovation and brand development.

Roots in Tampa Bay

In 2008, Regina returned to the U.S., settling in Tampa Bay, Florida. She transitioned from transaction coordinator in a commercial brokerage to a trailblazer in residential real estate, earning her license and eventually founding her own brokerage & property management company. Today, Regina is not only the Vice President of Sales and Public Relations at Valor Capital but also a revered leader in the industry, owning a brokerage and serving on the board of the Central Pasco Realtor Organization.

At Home with Valor Capital

Regina’s enthusiasm for her role at Valor Capital is infectious. She views her team as family, equipping them with every possible tool for success and inspiring them towards financial freedom and personal growth. It’s this ethos that she brings to every project, including the distinguished Serena by the Sea. Regina’s creative vision was pivotal in personifying Serena by the Sea, transforming it into a symbol of elegance and spirit, much admired and emulated in the industry.

Visionary Impact

Regina’s influence shines brightest in her project initiatives. Her favorite aspect is the genesis of a vision, meticulously crafting and guiding it to fruition. At Serena by the Sea, her approach has fostered a unique community-centric atmosphere, distinguished by thoughtfully designed amenities that promote engagement and leisure among residents. With over 23,000 square feet of space dedicated to communal enjoyment, Serena stands out as a beacon of innovative living—crafted under Regina’s astute leadership.

Living Her Vision

Residing at Serena by the Sea herself, Regina offers the ultimate endorsement of her work. Her personal investment in the development goes beyond professional duty; it is a heartfelt commitment to a community that embodies her vision for a superior, engaging living experience. Trust Regina when she says, living here is not just a luxury, it’s an experience unlike any other.

Upcoming Projects

St. Pete 4th and 4th
This 25-story condo-hotel tower in Downtown St. Petersburg offers luxurious units, a rooftop lounge, and retail spaces.

Daytona Beach Shores
An 18-story oceanfront condo set to be the first luxury development in a decade, featuring exclusive amenities and stunning penthouses.

Clearwater Bay444
Two 35-story towers will introduce luxury condo residences with top-tier amenities in Tampa Bay.

Contact for Details
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